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    [Product Name]: Cod Fish Collagen Powder(Peptide)
    [Specification]: Edible Level
    [Origin]: Fish Skin, Fish Scale
    [Ingredients]: Protein NLT 90%
    [Appearance]: White powder
    [Packaging]: 10kg per box
    [Shelf Life]: 2 years
    [Effects]: Collagen nutritional supplements help the human body skin care and beauty, and strengthen bone nutrition.
    [Application]: Used in the production and manufacture of food, health food, solid drink, oral drinks, and beauty & skin care products.
    [Product Specifications]:
    AppearanceWhite or light yellow powder
    OdorNo smell
    ImpurityNo visible exogenous impurity
    PH5.00 – 7.50
    Lead鈮?.50 mg/kg
    Arsenic鈮?.50 mg/kg
    Mercury鈮?.50 mg/kg
    Chromium鈮?.00 mg/kg
    Cadmium鈮?.10 mg/kg
    1. Do You Have Any Technical Advantages?
    Cod Fish Collagen Powder(Peptide)is produced by Biological enzymatic hydrolysis cutting technology. The product has good absorption, pure white color, and good solubility.
    2. The Reason To Choose Us?
    Our company has more than 20 years of professional experience in the research and development, production and sales of Cod Fish Collagen Powder(Peptide). The products have been successfully exported to nearly 100 companies in more than 60 countries and regions around the world such as the Turkey, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, South Korea , Singapore, Japan and so on. Our products are of high quality and are highly recognized by customers.
    3. What Certifications Have Your Products Obtained?
    The GMP, HACCP, Halal certifications etc.
    1. Can you provide free samples?
    We could provide 100-200g free samples.
    2. Are your products belongs to halal?
    Our Cod Fish Collagen Powder(Peptide)belongs to halal product.
    3. Are tilapia raw materials artificially farmed or wild?
    Artificial breeding.
    4. How about the port of departure?
    Shanghai, Ningbo etc.
    5. What’s the detailed packaging of the goods?
    The detailed dimension are as follows: length 50cm, width 41cm, height 22.5cm
    6. How about the CAS number of Cod Fish Collagen Powder(Peptide)?
    It’s 9007-34-5
    7. Is Cod Fish Collagen Powder(Peptide) GMO product?
    Yes, you’re right. Our products are Non-GMO.
    8. Does it contain any antibiotics?
    Our Cod Fish Collagen Powder(Peptide) don’t contain any antibiotics.China Collagen suppliers