• kk86ll a făcut o actualizare Acum 6 luni, 1 saptămână isn’t just for triggers! Read about the benefits of Inflatable Castles for toddlers and kids.

    Bouncy castles have been around for years, with larger versions normally up for use at fairs and carnivals while smaller versions can be rented or purchased for home use.

    While even adults have to admit they are pretty fun to jump around in, are there really any benefits of bouncy castles for kids? You bet!



    One of the main benefits of bouncy castles for kids is the fact that it is a great way to encourage exercise or help with weight loss.

    Even children that have a normal body weight still need regular exercise and trying to create an exercise routine for a child is almost impossible.

    While kids will need a little bit of adult supervision, they can basically bounce on their own and the recommended 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day, three times a week can easily be achieved.

    Shoot, my boys could go outside and bounce for an hour. They come in drenched and HAPPY!

    For some extra fun, add soft of plastic balls or stuffed animals to the Inflatable Slide. Let the craziness begin!


    Children can obviously enjoy themselves while jumping alone, but bouncy castles tend to attract other children for what seems like miles around.

    Who doesn’t love having someone to play with? It’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends.

    Of course, kids will need to learn to take turns, play well with each other and also be conscious of their actions as to not bump into each other while playing.

    Clear rules should be explained about how many kids can be on at one time and any other rules, like whether or not shoes are allowed, etc.


    While this may be more of a benefit for parents, bouncy castle rental can cost a few hundred dollars per day, while purchasing one can run about $300 to $400 depending on the size.

    After just two uses, the castle has already paid for itself. I can’t tell you how many parents I know just went ahead and purchased one for the summer.

    New bouncy castle kits should include the fan, the Inflatable Obstacle Course itself and the correct electrical cord or breaker.

    Bouncy castles provide exercise and hours of entertainment for both children and adults.

    While rentals are a good option, purchasing a bouncy castle is probably the best choice for unlimited amounts of fun.

    First and foremost, now that our stunning summer has finally come to a close, how great is it that bouncy castle fun can be brought inside? Whatever the weather, if you have an indoor area large enough – or Inflatable Interactive Games to fit it – summer fun can continue throughout all seasons. Ultimately, bouncy castles are year-round people pleasers.


    Whether you’re going for a pirates shindig, a princess party, or an under-the-sea extravaganza, hiring a bouncy castle will instantly theme your space.

    As parents, we know that putting together a top children’s party can be hard graft, and every little certainly helps. Themed Advertising Inflatabels instantly lift the room with minimal effort, meaning you can simply adorn the area with additional banners, party plates and a themed cake. Simples. Of course, if you’re a mum who doesn’t do things by halves, don’t forget the artistic balloon bunches, too.


    At children’s parties, bouncy castles can certainly be the main attraction. At family events, they can keep the kids distracted while the grown-ups relax or chat amongst themselves. Whether at weddings, alternative festive events, or corporate days, hiring a bouncy castle is an easy inclusive solution that will keep children of all ages entertained.


    Beyond their usual use, do your research. Often, when you are hiring a bouncy castle, specialist companies can offer much more than the standard. Enhance your day with inflatable slides, bungee runs, and other action inflatables.

    Suitable bouncy castles can really add an unexpected – and totally hilarious – element to your adults-only party, by the way. You could even turn things into It’s a Knockout mayhem! You can usually do this for a cost-efficient price as well, especially considering how much parties can cost these days.

    Hiring a bouncy castle might be an oldie, but it’s definitely a goodie. Let’s get nostalgic for a few minutes and think of all those childhood memories that are caught up in the wonder of such simplistic inflatable fun. Affordable, safe, great exercise, and a real hoot to boot, is there anything that bouncy castles don’t offer?